Sunday, October 30, 2011

Young Adult Fiction is too Dark for teengers. True or False

Young Adult Fiction is too Dark for teengers. True or False

this is the question for my history enquiry. we're researching topics which interest us. i'm using Meghan Cox Gurdon's 'article' Darkness to Visable as the jumping board for my research/report.

so if anyone wrote responses or knows of any respones could you send me links or titles via comments.
i'd also appriciate any other information on the topic, books, articles, websites. ANYTHING.
i'm researching book banning and anything relating.

thank you so much.


Anonymous said...
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A said...

Nah, I don't think YA is too dark for teenagers - every aspect of arts/culture (the main example being what we see on film and tv, but also music and books) - evolves as society evolves! The younger generation is having to deal with adult stuff earlier on, and I think that's the direction that the world has always headed in... Sad but true.
So it fits that as teenagers mature more quickly, we will see those more mature elements prevail through the arts, including literature.

Jess said...

Hey Anna,

I did a post with a heap of links relating to the article. You can find the links here:

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you back reviewing soon! (And I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought of the zine!)