Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brave Love

Title: Brave Love- a story of being different
Author: Romi Foster from the Dreamy Tree and where the writer comes to write

Brave Love is a mini-zine story written by Romi. each book is hand written and illustrated by Romi herself. this is a sweet story about being yourself. i think everyone could relate to how she felt, that lost feeling Romi talks about. it such an honest little story. I'd love to see it extended, more about the girl and more about the friend she made at the end. i loved how the writing's in different colours and each page is decorated with little pictures. the only thing I'd recommend is not writing in yellow. I'd like to see some Bigger, Bolder images, as well as the little ones.

a sweet story of loving yourself and waiting for friends to find you :)

sorry not to include a picture. for more info on these zines contact romi!


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