Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perth YA fans Unite!

do you live in Perth?
are you sick or never meeting your favourite authors?
sick of authors who always skip Perth?

a group of us Perth bloggers have decided to band together to bring YA authors to Perth.
to do this we are contacting publishers and authors showing our interest, BUT we have to prove that coming all the way to Perth is worth the time and the money. THIS is where we need your help! we need to show you to show that YOU want them to come.
there are 3 ways to do this:
1. sign our petition
- just click here to sign. by signing you are just showing your support you won't get told anymore information about blogging and author events.
2. subscribe to our blog- Perth YA Fans Unite!
by subscribing you will be kept up to date about what we are doing in terms of meeting up and our plans of action. as well as author events.
3. like us on facebook.
if you have facebook please like us! hopefully this page Will work as a way to spread the word about events and to show publishers the size of our YA fan base.

we are just starting off and desperately need to spread the word about our group and get as many people liking our page and signing the petition as possible.
not only are we aiming to bring authors to Perth, but it's nice to connect our YA book blogging community.

see our blog for more information about us. email or if you would like to come along to our meetings or have any ideas.

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