Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Lost my Mobile at the Mall

Title:I Lost my Mobile at the Mall
Wendy Harmer
First Published: 2009 by random house Australia
Pages: 319

this book is awesome!
at first i thought i wasn't going to love it. you know, OK but not great. but quickly i got to know our main character elly, how she loves words and worries . i kept reading and not only had she lost her mobile, she had a broken heart, no computer, lots of confusing thoughts about society. and a few other problems to tackle. her lack of technology for 2 weeks really changed the way she saw everything.

i love how realistic this book was and how interesting the characters were, her boyfriend defiantly wasn't what i expected. my favourite thing was its take on just how connected we are now compaired to any other time, even though maybe we're less in-touch than we think. also the minor view on cyber bullying that came with it.
when Elly searched cyber bullying this came up " like drinking and driving, emotions and the internet don't mix. Don't react or you could end up being a cyberbully yourself" which reminds me what goes on online is not the same as is in real, saying something is going to come across differently than if you read it.

i also love all the quotes scattered through the book from jane eyre and websites. a very nice touch.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just as good!

Just as good is another idea I've thought of. we're going to match Aussie authors we read to more common ones you guys know. we'll do it as often as we find authors we can pair up. their books might not always be quite the same, but we think if you like the English or American you'll like the Aussie one.

Jessica green and Anna and Mary k pershall are just as good as Cathy Cassidy!

i think most of us like Cathy Cassidy books so here are 2 series that are the same genre and that you'll like just as much.

Jessica Green has written 2 books, diary of a would-be princess and it's sequel a tyranny of toads. i think she'll write a third installment about Jillian James' year 7 experience, but i haven't heard anything yet.

Anna and Mary k pershall are a mother and daughter team who have written one series of books together. 2 weeks in year 6, a term in year 7 and escape from year 8. i really like these books and think they do a good job with the bullying theme from both points of view.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Title: Grace
Author: Morris Gleitzman
First Published: 2009 by Penguin Group Australia
Grace and her family are Christians - a special type. They believe that they they should have no contact with 'the outside world', aka other people. The church elders make sure of that.
Grace has never before questioned this belief, as she knew God loved her family and her church and would protect them. Until then. The day when she gets called a sinner, and the day where she makes contact with two outsiders and gets locked up in the solitary room, forced to read the Bible out loud until she almost loses her voice. But the most shocking thing of all, her beloved father gets expelled.
That's when Grace sets out on a mission to find him and bring him back, when she discovers that maybe her church isn't full of holy and spiritual people, but of child abusers and liars...
This is the latest book by Morris Gleitzman. I'm glad he started writing books for older readers. Grace really makes you think about the times when church leaders made up rules just so they could get more money, and how some people can be extremely mean. I loved how even in the worst times, Grace never blamed God for anything. The idea of the book was very good, it reminded me of 'I, Coriander' but it was a lot more realistic.
My only criteria was that the book seemed a bit short - it whizzed through some parts faster that others. And something was missing - like the plot had a hole in it. Other than that I really liked it, it's definitely one of Morris Gleitzman's best books.

Monday, January 11, 2010

i dare you january

hey, i dare you for this month is to have an "aussie picnic" on australia day, the 26th of january. it can be as simple as you like from vegemite on toast for breakfast to a feast with all your friends. you could even make a pavlova for your family.

all you've got to do is make your aussie food and post a picture on your blog with the link to cherry banana split. everyone who takes part will get a blog badge saying "i took part in the cherry banana split australia day picnic"

i'd love to hear what you think of this idea so leave comments. for inspiration look at possum magic or just ask.


possum magic

Title: Possum Magic
Author: Mem Fox
First Published:1983

this is the story of hush and grandma poss and their adventure to make the invisible hush seen again. they travel all round australia and try heaps of different foods. parts of this book are in ryhme and it has adorable pictures, even the invisable ones are cute.

this book was written by Mem fox in uni as an assignment and published when she realised there were so few aussie picture books. this book is a classic. most aussie kids would have read it at some stage. in 2003 for the 20th annaversary of this book we celebrated at school by having each class bring in a dish from the book. my class had to bring in red sauages, i'm not sure why because they aren't mentioned.


Author: Paul Jennings
first published:1985 by penguin

this is a book of crazy stories which happen to be hilarious. they'd be good for almost any age, it would be a great birthday present for a younger sibling because you could steal it after or a good one to read when baby-sitting because not only the 9 years will be in stitches. the first story is about a poor boy who when ever he speaks must add 'with out a shirt' on to the end. admittedly not all the stories are laugh-out-loud funny, but they are good.

some of these stories are a bit weird, but they are written well and some are excellent. another cool thing is the covers. they are two layers, the top one has a hole in it showing part but not all of the under layer and they look really cool. there are lots of other short story books all the same idea but with different stories. in one story the protagonist always says the opposite word. eg yes instead of no, left instead of right. I'm not sure if you guys out of Australia watched Round the Twist, Paul Jennings also wrote that.

warning some of these tales are a bit strange and involve people dying, but not in a gruesome way.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

She's Leaving Home

Title:she's leaving home
Author: monica trapaga
first published: 2009 by Lantern, an imprint of penguin
pages: 155

She's leaving home is a cookbook. it has great recipes all put into chapters like practical, travel, fiesta, comfort food and my family and other animals. now, i know you're thinking why is she reviewing a cook book? but let me tell you, this book is not just a cookbook. it not only has the best recipes it has all manner of useful things on food like which herb is for what and which part of the cow to buy. all this written in a gourgous fun style and surrounded by cute, colourful, creative atrwork.

monica trapaga wrote this book for her oldest daughter who was leaving home. it's a compilment of all their family favourites. my mum loves this book because it has lots of the traditonal spanish recipes her mum used to cook like paella. if any of you readers are australian you might know monica from playschool. she also sings the bananas in payjamas song. do you remember having monica on playschool stacey?

Secret Friends' Stuff

title: Secret Friends' Stuff
Aurthur: Margaret Clark
first published: 2006 by random house Australia

Secret Friends Stuff is very like Letters to Cathy. it's advice given by Margaret to girls who write to her for help. she give great advice (i have experience) through emails and letters. she also writes about her own experiences at a teenager and gives us segments of her old diaries. it's split into five sections to help you find what you're looking for: Friends, more about friends, more and more about friends, boy friends and more about boyfriends. the book is written in a really personal and funny way, Margaret could be right there telling you the advice. in fact it's really like you're getting help from a friend. except for the fact that she a lot smarter than my friends when it comes to boys.

the only thing i dislike about this book is how hard it would be to find certain advice if you were looking for it. it would be useful to have a more specific contents or an index. i know there are lots of non-fiction books on the topic for girls, but i think this one is the best! it makes an interesting read even if you don't want help because it's cool to see how different people deal with different situations.

its short review because i can't really talk about a plot or anything.

Feeling Sorry For Celia

Title: Feeling Sorry For Celia
Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
First Published: 2000 by Pac Macmillan Australia Pty Limited
When Elizabeth Clarry's English teacher announces that their school and another high school that stands two blocks away will start a letter writing project everyone, including Elizabeth, is extremely annoyed.
Until a girl named Christina starts writing back to Celia. Soon enough the girls form a strong friendship and learn that letter writing is the only thing keeping them sane - what with Elizabeth's best friend Celia running away again, her dad deciding to come back to Sydney for a year (keeping his Canadian wife and son behind in Canada) and the Trail Run coming up.
Christina's life isn't that easy either - she has to juggle her boyfriend Derek with her four brothers and sisters and her boy-crazy best friend/cousin.
This story was truly amazing. It was written in the form of letters between Christina and Libby, notes between Libby and her Mum, and imaginary letters to Libby from societies such as The Association of Teenagers (who advise her to climb in the fridge and never come out again), the COLD HARD TRUTH ASSOCIATION and The Best Friends club, and later on some Anonymous letters from a boy who is on her bus...
The book was really hilarious even in the most shocking and sad bits. Here's a tip: don't read this book before bed because not only will you stay up half the night reading to find out what happens next, but you'll also be laughing so hard you won't be able to close your eyes. Trust me.
I give it a 5/5.