Sunday, January 10, 2010

She's Leaving Home

Title:she's leaving home
Author: monica trapaga
first published: 2009 by Lantern, an imprint of penguin
pages: 155

She's leaving home is a cookbook. it has great recipes all put into chapters like practical, travel, fiesta, comfort food and my family and other animals. now, i know you're thinking why is she reviewing a cook book? but let me tell you, this book is not just a cookbook. it not only has the best recipes it has all manner of useful things on food like which herb is for what and which part of the cow to buy. all this written in a gourgous fun style and surrounded by cute, colourful, creative atrwork.

monica trapaga wrote this book for her oldest daughter who was leaving home. it's a compilment of all their family favourites. my mum loves this book because it has lots of the traditonal spanish recipes her mum used to cook like paella. if any of you readers are australian you might know monica from playschool. she also sings the bananas in payjamas song. do you remember having monica on playschool stacey?


CherryDiva said...

Oh, yes yes yes! I do! I didn't know she wrote a BOOK. Hmm, I'll have to check it out. Nice review!

Paper Heart Girl said...

I am thinking of buying this book, it looks just SO delightful! I am wondering how to justify the treat... xxxxxxxxx