Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Title: Grace
Author: Morris Gleitzman
First Published: 2009 by Penguin Group Australia
Grace and her family are Christians - a special type. They believe that they they should have no contact with 'the outside world', aka other people. The church elders make sure of that.
Grace has never before questioned this belief, as she knew God loved her family and her church and would protect them. Until then. The day when she gets called a sinner, and the day where she makes contact with two outsiders and gets locked up in the solitary room, forced to read the Bible out loud until she almost loses her voice. But the most shocking thing of all, her beloved father gets expelled.
That's when Grace sets out on a mission to find him and bring him back, when she discovers that maybe her church isn't full of holy and spiritual people, but of child abusers and liars...
This is the latest book by Morris Gleitzman. I'm glad he started writing books for older readers. Grace really makes you think about the times when church leaders made up rules just so they could get more money, and how some people can be extremely mean. I loved how even in the worst times, Grace never blamed God for anything. The idea of the book was very good, it reminded me of 'I, Coriander' but it was a lot more realistic.
My only criteria was that the book seemed a bit short - it whizzed through some parts faster that others. And something was missing - like the plot had a hole in it. Other than that I really liked it, it's definitely one of Morris Gleitzman's best books.


Anna Banana said...

that looks good. just like morris' books always are. i was going to read it but then thw school library stopped lending books. nice review.

**NeonGlitter** said...

Sounds cool! :D