Monday, January 11, 2010


Author: Paul Jennings
first published:1985 by penguin

this is a book of crazy stories which happen to be hilarious. they'd be good for almost any age, it would be a great birthday present for a younger sibling because you could steal it after or a good one to read when baby-sitting because not only the 9 years will be in stitches. the first story is about a poor boy who when ever he speaks must add 'with out a shirt' on to the end. admittedly not all the stories are laugh-out-loud funny, but they are good.

some of these stories are a bit weird, but they are written well and some are excellent. another cool thing is the covers. they are two layers, the top one has a hole in it showing part but not all of the under layer and they look really cool. there are lots of other short story books all the same idea but with different stories. in one story the protagonist always says the opposite word. eg yes instead of no, left instead of right. I'm not sure if you guys out of Australia watched Round the Twist, Paul Jennings also wrote that.

warning some of these tales are a bit strange and involve people dying, but not in a gruesome way.

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