Friday, January 15, 2010

Just as good!

Just as good is another idea I've thought of. we're going to match Aussie authors we read to more common ones you guys know. we'll do it as often as we find authors we can pair up. their books might not always be quite the same, but we think if you like the English or American you'll like the Aussie one.

Jessica green and Anna and Mary k pershall are just as good as Cathy Cassidy!

i think most of us like Cathy Cassidy books so here are 2 series that are the same genre and that you'll like just as much.

Jessica Green has written 2 books, diary of a would-be princess and it's sequel a tyranny of toads. i think she'll write a third installment about Jillian James' year 7 experience, but i haven't heard anything yet.

Anna and Mary k pershall are a mother and daughter team who have written one series of books together. 2 weeks in year 6, a term in year 7 and escape from year 8. i really like these books and think they do a good job with the bullying theme from both points of view.


Luisa at Chicklish said...

This is a fantastic idea! I'm really looking forward to finding Aussie authors who are new to me. These books look great!

Sara Leslie said...

Sounds cool ;-)

Sara Leslie (Dragonfly Reviews) said...

Heya - me again.

Here's an award for you guys xD


Sara xxx