Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mr Monday

title: mister Monday-book 1/7 keys to the kingdom series
Aurthur: Garth Nix
first published
in Australia 2003 by Allen and Unwin
pages: 328
Mr Monday is the first of seven books, 6 of which have been written. this is an adventure, mild fantasy type book about Arthur Penhaligon young orphan of loving adopted parents. on his first day at a new school Arthur briefly meets Mr Monday and is forced to save the other world from certain doom. he with the power of the key has to untangle the secrets and defeat the guardians, Mr Monday, grim Tuesday, drowned Wednesday, sir Thursday, lady Friday, superior Saturday and Lord Sunday who are suppose to guard, protect and help make prosper their regions of this world. arthur's world is relying on him to stop the devastation of the magic world spreading to his while managing his life at home. how long can he keep it from his parent?
i loved this series especially the first book. their is two series websites, one Australia and one British. the english versions have different covers.


Chicklish said...

Great review! I've heard great things about this author and never read anything of his so far - this should change! :)

LylaStar10 said...

this sounds really interesting!

btw, lovin' the blog anna and stacey! u 2 make a great team

LylaStar10 xxx

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