Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finding Cassie Crazy

Title: finding Cassie crazy
Aurthur: Jaclyn Moriarty
first published: 2003-pan Macmillan Australia
* * * * */5

this is my second review for the DBR b-day challenge for the chick-lit category. at first i thought the book was just ok, then at actually started to dislike it, it seem negative and like nothing was going to happen, yet i was compelled to keep reading. this is an addictive book about best friends, Cassie, Lydia and Emily and they're pen pals from brookfeild. these school already have a rivalry so how is it why in their own way ended up writing and writing all the time to each other? what up with Cassie why won't she share her secrets or letters? and how come no one has heard of her pen pal? for a story i thought needed more events it sure proved me wrong. the humor and character understanding was great, the characters develop, change and behave just as real people do, as i was reading i didn't even notice how different the characters were ending up. the format of letters, diaries and other personal documents is great, though it can be a little confusing because the story is from the point of view of 5 people and only one person can think at a time.

as my grandpa always says this has a sting in the tail meaning their are crazy twists and turns, which as the book progresses get better and better, though some weird people might find it a little dull at first it is well worst sticking with. this is so realistic, except for the going to the movies in double maths, my school does the roll every lesson. the book has everything from what it's like to to be thinking about a career even though it seems so far away and humor to deep questions. the least of which would be 'is Cassie crazy?


LylaStar10 said...

This sounds quite interesting. I might give it a go. Great review, by the way. I love this blog!

LylaStar10 xxxx

Anonymous said...

Great review - I agree with you about lots of points that you brought up. Congratulations - you're a quarter way through the challenge :)

Meggin said...

I'm reading this for the challenge too, started it today :) Great review!

xoxo, Meggin

Cherry Diva said...

Cool review Anna! Has anyone noticed that on the cover, the girl on the left is only wearing one sock? LOL!