Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi! Hi! Hi!

G'day everyone! CherryDiva here. So, Anna's already told you about the blog, but I guess I'll do it again. Just for fun.

So, if our names sound familiar (how can you forget a name like Anna Banana or CherryDiva?) it's because we already have our own personal blogs!
Mine's here.
And Anna's is here.

Go check 'em out. Seriously. So anyway, like Anna said, we have joined forces (that is hilarious! I totally cracked up when I read that! Well done, Anna!) and created this Aussie book reviewing blog, as we think that Australian literature doesn't get as much praise as it deserves these days (well I think so anyway). We'll cover different books, which we enjoyed reading. I hope y'all have a fun time reading this!

Oh, I almost forgot. If you are an author/publisher and want us to review your book, be more than welcome to leave a comment! Actually anyone should, and must leave a comment as I LOVE comments! It's one of the best things about running a blog! Other that followers, of course.

Well, the first review should be up soon so visit again soon!



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Hello! I love the site so far and can't wait to read all the great posts! :)