Monday, July 30, 2012

The End of Potterthon

I recently posted about how much i was loving celebrating the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter with like-minded people through Potterthon at Saz101. Well as tomorrow is the 31st of July, and Harry would be turning 32, Potterthon is ending.
Today they posted the most touching post to date. many people wrote in sharing their stories about their love of the series. Some of them are so touching, and all worth reading. I loved every single one.
So, anyone who is a potter fan should really check it out, to celebrate our Harry's birthday.

Thank you Sarah and Lauren for this month, it's definitely been s great way to celebrate the anniversary


Sarah (saz101) said...

Oh, Anna, thank you so so much! I only stumbled across your posts today (I am so far behind on nmy feeds) and *hugs* You've made my day. It was such fun to do Potterthon, adn AMAZING hearing everyone's AMAZING stories ♥

Romi said...

Hasn't it been amazing? I've loved this celebration of Harry Potter so incredibly much!

Romi said...

I was doing a re-read of the series and am now onto the last book- I have no idea why I'm putting myself through all this pain again.