Friday, October 15, 2010

The Winner!

the winning list is... THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU"RE INVISIBLE.

- Poke an irksome acquaintance in the face until they go insane.
- Pretend I'm a "voice" and whisper bad (but funny) ideas in the Queen's ears.
- Pretend I'm the voice of God, visit the Pope and tell him he looks good in a dress.
- Write "your fly is undone" on fogged up glass in public places.
- Sing (badly) into the mic on an empty stage in a busy bar.
- Trip up "posers" as they walk down the street.
- Continually turn someone's TV to the Bible channel.
- Yell "He IS the Kwizats Hadderach!" at a kid's Christening.
- Carry a penguin around under my arm to make people think they could fly all along.
- Do the above with other animals...particularly household pets.
- Wear a sheet and be a ghost.
- Spy on people I hate and use the gathered information against them. Mwahahahaha!
- Infiltrate and Area 51.
- Go on free flights.
- Never pay for another cinema ticket.
- Confuse the automatic doors that run on pressure sensors.
- Stow away in Johnny Depp's shower...he he he.
- Read top secret government files.
- Convince kids in toy stores that I am a possessed teddy bear.

thank you to all those who entered, they were all great.

could the writer of this list please email me at with the address to send the book to and some information to help me pick a book for you. your age, genre preferences and the titles of a few of your favourite books would be a good start.


Nomes said...

this is so so funny! i love the fly being undone on windows one and the Johnny Depp one! Awesome list and such a great comp (i was a failure though - but glad someone else gets to read some awesome aussie stuff!)


Anonymous said...

That was mine! Woop woop! Have emailed details :) L x

Luisa at Chicklish said...

This is brilliant! Congratulations, Elle! I loved reading that.

Ismé said...

That was a really funny list!