Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Follow the Blue

Title: Follow the Blue
Author: Brigid Lowry

once again another great book by Brigid Lowry.
Bec is restless, sick of being the responsible one she decided to become a new Bec, in a summer of change for her family. this story start with Bec's father in hospital due to a mental break down. soon after he comes home her mother, a famous cook, is offered a book tour to America and they both disappear for 6 weeks leaving Bec and her little brother and sister with a house keeper. along the way Bec dies her hair red, makes some new friends and falls in love for the first time.

as much as i liked this book i didn't think it was as good as all her others. i felt the characters wern't as well developed and that let the book down. apart from that it was great. like her other books the slightly more scrapbook style, in the case adding in recipes and instructions on things like how to Henna your hair, and the amount of detail really add to the book and make it enjoyable and more realistic. the thing i loved most though is how well she understands and expresses what it feels like to be 15. being almost 15 I identified with Bec a lot. feeling unsure about who you are, not knowing how to relate to her parents and just wanting her life to be more exciting are all things that a teenager goes through.

another beautiful book by brigid lowry.


Nomes said...

another great review! i read this book a long time ago :) i remember the bits on how to henna your hair though. i actually have this on my shelf (i bought it at my second hand book shop for $2 although it looks brand new) i should re-read it.

guitar highway rose is my fave of hers :)


Luisa at Chicklish said...

Thanks for the wonderful review. I'd love to read this book some time.