Monday, August 10, 2009

The Slightly True Story Of Cedar B. Hartley (who planned to live an unusual life)

4 ½ stars

No, I am not kidding, that is the actual title. Pretty long, huh?

Cedar B. Hartley is a dog-loving, almost-but-not-quite-thirteen-year-old girl with hellish red hair. She likes to hang out on the street, do bat-pole positions and take her dog Stinky on walks. But it all changes one day after school. No one greets her at home-not Mum because she's at work, not Dad because he died when Cedar was small, and not Barnaby, her brother, because he ran away a few months back. Not even Stinky is there - he got lost and Cedar goes off to find him. No one has seen him and he's no where TO be seen, so Cedar and her best friend Caramella make posters to hang around town.

Then the boy with the river voice calls. His name is Kite and he's found Stinky. As Stinky and Cedar reunite at th oval, Cedar learns what amazing things Kite can do, and she wants to be able to do them too. Instantly, this changes not only her whole summer, but her whole life.

I think this was a fabulous book. It was Martine Murray's first novel, and it got quite a lot of praise. You should definitely read it.


Anonymous said...

Great review! Sounds like an awesome book!

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Cool, thanks Sara!