Monday, August 10, 2009

i dare you!

each month I'm going to or Stacey might( she doesn't know I'm posting this yet) give you all a dare. they will be Aussie or book related mostly. you have to post about the dare after you complete it leaving a link to our site them comment and let us know you've completed it. after you complete so many dares you will get an award. it will probably be three challenges completed. this dare isn't included because it is a trial run and we will set up a poll to find out what people think of the idea.

august dare 2009
i dare you to find an Australian book and give a review. simple. try and find a book you haven't read before, maybe one by a different author. if your not sure about if a book is australian or not just leave a comment and we'll let you know. you have until the 10th of september to complete the dare and make sure you vote on our poll. their will be a new dare next month for spring YAY!
we really beat you guys in the cricket last night. next game is going to be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, great idea :)