Wednesday, April 27, 2011

competition time!

the lovely and talented Romi from where the writer comes to write has two copies of Chasing Odysseus S. D Gentill up for grabs, one to an international reader and one for an Aussie. to win you have to email the answer to these 4 questions:
-why do you love books?
-what do they mean in your life?
-why do you want to read Chasing Odysseus?
-a brief description of what your life would look like without books.

for more information and some interesting posts about the book and author click here

1 girl, 3 brothers... 4 daring young heroes...

Treachery, transformations and a deadly quest.

A thrilling adventure of ancient myth, monsters, gods, sorcerers, sirens, magic and many evils...the fall of Troy and a desperate chase across the seas in a magical ship...

Hero and her three brothers - Mac, Cad and Lycon go on this exciting and dangerous quest to prove their murdered father's honour, the betrayal by King Odysseus and the loyalty of their own people to the conquered city of Troy.

blurb from the publisher Pantera Press. the 1st chapter is available on their website.



helo:) remember me!!!????? haha havnt blogged for a while:) still love your blogz:)

Elleira said...

oh my gosh. this book sounds amazing. Totally into the whole greek mythology thing. So cool. (answer to question 3)

Answer to questions 1 and 2:
I love books for many reasons. Many.
Books could go on for days but it's past my bedtime so I'll just say a few things..
They are wisdom, learning, knowledge.
They're words which someone put together for a purpose. They have meaning.
Stories. Need I say more?
Yes actually. Stories are like an escape. It's healthy (I believe) to escape from the real world on a regular basis. This world is too cruel and stories that I read inspire me and give me hope.
They also make you more intelligent!

My life would be more bleak without books in it, it would have been more difficult to learn in school, and my bedroom would have no need for the bookshelves i have in it, which means I would have just a bed a chair and a desk in my room. pretty pathetic.