Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting the Girl

title: Getting the Girl
Author: Markus Zusak

Cameron Wolfe is a loser. his brother Steve is the local football star, his brother Ruben has a new girl every week, even his sister Sarah and his parents, in his eyes, are bloody amazing. All this changes though when Octavia comes on to the scene. she may be just another of Ruben's girlfriends, but Cameron is in love with her.

like The Messenger this is set in the poorer parts of the Sydney suburbs, with the same harsh way of talking to each other. similarly it's about someone who has been considered second best, not worth any body's time learning their worth. once Octavia shows up somehow Cam begins realise he is okay. he learns that he is as impressive as either of his brothers, just in his own way.

Cameron has a really awkward, but sincere and lovable voice. he has incredible insights into everything going on around him, which he writes down and calls 'his words'. these are like journaling/poems placed between the chapters. he's hidden away and in this book people finally realise that you just have to stop and look for awhile to see what Cameron is actually like. this is exactly what Octavia and his sister Sarah do.

with a quiet, reactive protagonist like we have in this book, you expect them to be rescued and then be shown about themselves. this is not what Zusak does. Cameron fights for himself this whole book, even before that with visiting his brother Steve, he's doing something not everyone could do. that in essence is what this book is about, knowing that you have something everyone around you doesn't.


Jess said...

Great review. I'll have a keep an eye out for it :)

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

Awesome review. You made me want this book even more :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you! I wasn't sure, but now I know! (Thanks to you!)
Really? I didn't think so at all, I thought it was unsettling, you know, the thought of that happening to our society one day, but by the end of it, you sort of know that it's just a story... I really enjoyed it by the end! I'm looking forward to reading book 2!
Oh and Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview with Steph Bowe! ( :

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I know! I'm so utterly excited about it! I'll post about it all soon! ( :
Thanks, I feel like writing today, so maybe I'll sit down and write for ages!
Well done; are you pleased with the poem and short story?
I wrote a few poems in my diary last year, I really enjoyed them actually, I should write some more actually! ( :
Awesome! Thank you, I'd never heard of Voiceworks and I've just had a look at it; it looks really great! I'll be sure to keep looking at it! Writing competitions are great! And just any chance to get published!
Yes, I love Shaun Tan's work! Have you read tales from outer suberbia? It's magic! As is the Arrival!