Monday, September 20, 2010

The Running Man

Title: The Running Man
Author: Michael Gerard Bauer
First Published: in 2004 by scholastic

Joseph is a quiet, shy boy who lives with his mother, while his father does construction work in far away countries. this story begins when Joseph is asked to mow the Leyton's lawn. Caroline Leyton convinces him to paint a portrait of her brother tom, a reclusive Vietnam war veteran. a very special relationship forms over silkworms, books and secrets. but their can be problems of relationships built on secrets, what happens if someone else says different, who do you trust? Tom and Joseph give each other just what they've needed for a long time.

i love, Love, LOVE this book. i have no criticism, i thought it was perfect. it was perfectly paced, i was hooked from very early in and read it all one Friday night. this is quite a philosophical book, so i was very surprised to find that it was so suspenseful and interesting. most books that are about thoughts, feelings, relationships and life in general usually have a relaxing pace, but The Running Man is quite eventful.

like i said, this book is very philosophical. it talks about life, death, views on life, perspective, judgement of others and even miracles. i learnt so much from just reading it. The Running Man is the kind of book you feeling happy and hopeful after reading, it just sticks in your mind.

i feel i haven't done this book justice in my review, i highly recommend reading it. please give it a go.


Nomes said...

thanks for reviewing this - I've seen it at my library but thought it looked a little bit boring - i'll definitely have to pick it up now!

i think you reviewed it quite well actually :) made me want to read it anyway :)

Anna said...

Nomes, same here. I read and liked his other books Don't call me Ishmael and Ishmael and the return of the Dugongs because my friend recomended them, but i never picked this up because i thought it would be boring. i only got it because it was on sale for $4 at the uni book sale and i thought it might be worth a look considering that it's won 4 prizes.