Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Aussie Book Blog

i thought I'd let you in on an awesome, little secret.
i have found an awesome new blog (well actually she commented on a review but still) it's called The Book Sooth it's run by a girl called Isme. we have a lot in common, we're both 14 year old girls from western Australia who love books.

check out her blog and leave her a lovely comment please. and you can leave one here before you head over to the book slooth.
by the way, we might be having a competition, but only people who have commented on our blog will be considered.


Ismé said...

Hi Anna,
thanks for your kind words and comments on my blog.
I agree with you, all the best bloggers come from Western Australia!

Luisa at Chicklish said...

I love The Book Slooth and I love Cherry Banana Split. Yay for both of you!

Nomes said...

hey - thanks for visiting my blog :) i had a look around here and love the Aussie vibe :)

also, haven't read the running man yet but have seen it at y library - I'll have to make sure and pick it up. thanks for the book recommendation!