Saturday, February 13, 2010

People Might Hear You.

Title: People Might Hear You. Author: robin Klein Pages: 199 first published: penguin 1983.

frances has lived with her aunt forever. they've never had much, she always slept on the couch and they move to where her aunt can find work. resently though she' made a best friend and life seems pretty good. when her aunt Loris announces one morning that she's getting married and hand frances a note for the school office saying she won't be coming back frances get slightly confused. she is even more confused when her aunt explains that the wedding is today and that no, frances can't come. that night she and her aunt move to mr tyrell's house under the cover of darkness and frances is thrown into a whole new way of life. she no longer goes to school she stays at home with her new step sisters behind fences so high and frosted windows and study's the rules of the temple. she's taught that the world outside is evil anf that everyone who isn't part of there religion is going to perrish in a great war. but slowly as frances fear subsides she starts to think, " how can the be true?".

though i love the characters in this book in some ways i think frances seemed to be missing something. she was completley beleiveable in her actions though. if someone surrounded me with their religion and told me i would die in a horrific war i sertenley wouldn't question them. but eventually your mistakes like talking in meals or wanting to go outside would show just how crazy it is. my favourite thing is how frances is at first willing not to try because she doesn't want to die, but because she thinks if her aunt is happy there it can't be all wrong. she also didn't want to ruin her aunt's happiness. my only problem with this book was the ending. it left lots of questions, but i supose that they would have been hard to answer, how would anyone know what would happen to a cult if people got out and told the world.

it is a beautiful book and i'm still glad that robin klein let Helen see the stars.


Anonymous said...

That sounds AMAZING!

Luisa at Chicklish said...

I love the sound of this, and I think Robin Klein is a great author. I'll definitely be looking out for it. Thank you for the review!