Thursday, September 24, 2009

Annabel, Again

Title: Annabel, Again
Aurthur: meg mckinlay
first published: 2007 by walker books australia

Annabel, Again is a cathy cassidy, jaquline wilson genre book, but without the drama and in my opinon better than jacqueline wilson. this book, set in australia envolving 'the sun', stalker crows and some physco chickens is very funny. it's has the kind of jokes my friends and i make all the time.

annabel and livvy have been best friends since elephants brought them together in kindy, not only have they been best friends they were each others only friends. so what happens when annabel has to leave livvy and move to the other side of australia? well according to livvy's mum it's time to move on. livvy throws herself into things to forget and life keeps going on around her. then annabel moves back, things can be the way they were before, but what happens if annabel doesn't want just to slip back into her life with livvy?

this is a great book, a bit easy and writen by a lady my dad works with. i have a signed copy. it says: always keep an eye out for secret tortoises!

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