Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

hey guys, merry christmas!! i wanted to give you guys all something for christmas so i've put together a bunch of carols, not traditional ones thou, aussie ones. take a look! i've linked them because i wanted to put up more than one. at least watch the first one, very funny and a bit true too.
Jingle bells- this is a book as well. very funny.

6 White Boomers- i remember singing this when i was about 6.

Aussie 12 days of christmas- this is a weird one so here's a proper one

TheThree Drovers- much more traditional

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Rose for the ANZAC boys

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys by Jackie French is a WW1 story through the eyes of 3 young women. don't worry, there still adventure, blood and suspense. Midge is a 16 year old kiwi sent to England to learn how to be 'lady like'. There she meets Ethel and Anne and is flung into the war and the open a canteen for soldiers in France. they not only give out food, but care for many wounded men. later midge ends up in the ambulance service.

these young women also suffer as their young ANZACs fight, brothers, cousins, boyfriends all of. what's worse a death notice or them being on the missing list? my favourite thing that this book shows is how the world radically change in just a few years, especially in a feminist view. Then it changed back again. women worked, ran everything and often faced almost as much as men did. then when the soldiers came back they were honored (which the deserve) and took over again. the women who worked to save men and saw them die were expected to go back home, forget and raise families or play tennis. can you imagine what a hard transition that would be?

i love Jackie French's writing, her picture books, novels and non-fiction. check out her other work as well. this book was defiantly a 'stop and think' novel. a good feminist view on war. i hope you join me in this though: thank you for all the women who serve during war. thank you for the women who helped at the front lines of WW1 and WW2 and the women left at home who kept the world running, sewing uniforms and bandages for them, sending food and running factories.